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Category: ALL (88 records) Annandale All Night Graduation Online Auction - Coming Soon! - Auction will Run 1/31 - 2/6
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Item Photo Description
1 1-t.jpgDonated by Tangles (Valued at $51.36) Pro Thick Hair Detangler Brush, 1.5 oz Indie shampoo/conditioner, $25 gift card
2 2-t.jpg Donated by Shear Style (Valued at $97) 10 oz Biomega shampoo, 10 oz Aquage Shampoo, 5 oz Aquage spray & $20 gift card
3 3-t.jpgDonated by Divas (Valued at $100.00) Verb Cosmetic Bag, 12 oz Aluram Shampoo/Conditioner/ 2 oz Aluram Shine Serum, Sunglasses, Can Coozie, gift card for haircut and eyebrow wax
4 4-t.jpgDonated by Lundeen Ford (Valued at $350.00) 2 TC shirts (can exchange for correct size), hat, water bottle, gift certificate for a full car detail
5 5-t.jpgDonated by Kaz Hardware (Valued at $70.00) Painting Basket: Paint tray & liner, 2 large paint rollers, 2 small paint rollers, large Paint roller handle, small paint roller handle, paint brush, spackling mix, pro grade blue masking tape, jumbo sanding sponge & $40 gift card for paint
6 6-t.jpgDonated by Millers Jewelers (Valued at $75.00) Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
7 7-t.jpgDonated by Sweet Escape (Valued at $35.00) Gift Certificate, hand/shower soap, free cone
8 8-t.jpgDonated by Annandle Eye Clinice (Valued at $150.00) Nautica Sunglassses
9 9-t.jpgDonated by Flemmings/Soks Car Wash (Valued at $52.00) Complete Car Care Kit Gift Pack & 2 $11 gift cards to Soks Car Wash
10 10-t.jpgDonated by The Butchery (Valued at $60.00) Stocking Cap, $50 gift card
11 11-t.jpgDonated by Southbrook Golf (Valued at $200.00) 4 - 18 holes of golf w/ cart, Shirt (can exchange for correct size), hat
12 12-t.jpgDonated by Edina Realty (Valued at $100.00) Lucky Lounge Water Float
13 13-t.jpgDonated by Grey Duck (Valued at $120.00) Handmade Bird House & MN Flannel Blanket
14 14-t.jpgDonated by Little Jims ($200.00) 2 Ice Fishing Poles, Berkley Bag, Trophy Angler bag, 3 plastic containers with hooks and 3 bags of triggers
15 15-t.jpgDonated by Lake Central ($150.00) Tip-Up Basket: Large pail, Yaktrax Chains, Ice scoop, 2 Nylon Black Tip Up Line, Zero Rig Big Tooth Hook, Storage cubby with hooks, 2 Frabill Tip-Ups..
16 16-t.jpgDonated by Oak Realty (Valued at $65.00) Oak Realty Sweatshirt (Can exchange for correct size)
17 17-t.jpgDonated by Oak Realty (Valued at $65.00) Oak Realty Sweatshirt (Can exchange for correct size)
18 18-t.jpgDonated by PJN Builders (Valued at $68.00) Coffee Basket: Fleece Blanket, Mainstays 12 cup coffee maker, Assorted Ferrero Collection, 12 oz bag of Wether's Originals Carmel Hard Candies, "Make Today Count" coffee mug, double wall insulated stainless steel Boulder Mug, 14 oz Mainstays Vanilla Candle, 12 oz Dunkin French Vanilla coffee, 12 oz Starbucks Caramel coffee & 12 oz Caribou Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee
19 19-t.jpgDonated by J& J Marine (Valued at $65.00) J & J Marine Sweatshirt & Stocking Hat (can exchange for correct size)
20 20-t.jpgDonated by J & J Marine (Valued at $65.00) J & J Marine Jacket (can exchange for correct size)
21 21-t.jpgDonated by Keller Williams (Valued at $50.00) Heart of the Lakes Mug, $25 Keller Williams Cash
22 22-t.jpgDonated by The Body (Valued at $30.00) 1 Month membership/Refrigerator Magnet
23 23-t.jpgDonated by The Body (Valued at $60.00) 1 Month Gym & Classes/Refrigerator Magnet
24 24-t.jpgDonated by The Body (Valued at $60.00) Personal Training Session with the Champ
25 25-t.jpgDonated by Lake Central Insurance (Valued at $25.00) Home1 Fire Extinguisher
26 26-t.jpgDonated by Kiwanis (Valued at $118) Mermaid Bundle: Backpack, pop up play set, towel, bottle & ornament
27 27-t.jpgDonated by Kiwanis (Valued at $45.00) Xmas Basket: 3 rolls of wrapping paper, 2 bags of 8 count gift bags, Plaid Table Runner, 2 bags of 18 count gift tags, 1 bag of 30 premium bows, 2 boxes of 32 count xmas cards, 2 holiday kitchen towels, 1 bag of 30 gift tissue
28 28-t.jpgDonated by Kiwanis (Valued at $40.00) Summer Bundle: Sprinker, Beach Toy Kit, Swim Ring
29 29-t.jpgDonated by Bernatillos (Valued at $120.00) Wisco 421 Pizza Oven & 4 pizza/product coupons
30 30-t.jpgDonated by Spilled Grain Brewery (Valued at $100.00) Stocking Cap, 2 Spilled Grain Beer Glasses, Sweatshirt (can exchange for correct size)
31 31-t.jpgDonated by Star Bank/Soks Car Wash (Valued at $48.00) Car Wash Basket: Bucket, Microfiber Wheel Detailer, Clean Sponge, 3 Terry Towels, Car Wash Cleaner, Wool Wash Mitt. 2 $11 gift cards to Soks Car Wash
32 32-t.jpgDonated by Country Chev (Valued at $54.00) Frozen Book Set
33 33-t.jpgDonated by Maple Lake Legion (Valued at $65.00) FILA extra large backpack
34 34-t.jpgDonated by Sticks & Stones (Valued at $50.00) Popcorn Set: 1 large popcorn bowl, 4 medium bowls, popcorn
35 35-t.jpgDonated by Sticks and Stones/Soks Car Wash (Valued at $66.00) Auto Kit: Auto Breakdown Kit, 4 in 1 Shovel Plus, $11 gift card to Soks Car Wash
36 36-t.jpgDonated by Sticks and Stones (Valued at $88.00) Beer Bundle: Beer Caddy, Beer Game, Beer Book, Coloring Beer Book
37 37-t.jpgDonated by Annandale Lions Club (Valued at $255.00) Fitness Package: Foam Roller, FitBit & 48 oz Water Bottle
38 38-t.jpgDonated by Annandale Lions Club (Valued at $139.00) Xmas Basket: Large Platter, Moving Mouse, 2 Kitchen Towels, 2 Santa Hats, Garland, 3 Ornaments, Lot of Ornaments, Stocking, Santizier, Socks, Deer and 2 red metal mugs
39 39-t.jpgDonated by Annandale Lions Club (Valued at $105.00) Valentine Bundle: Wreath, Mug, Bath Bombs, Neon Sign
40 40-t.jpgDonated by Annandale Lions Club (Valued at $180.00) Fall Basket: Wooden Basket, Wine Glasses, Pumpkin Candle, Vase/Flowers, Oven Mitts, Pillow, Home Sign
41 41-t.jpgDonated by Annandale Lions Club (Valued at $58.00) Small Xmas Basket: Kitchen towel, Cardinal Salt & Pepper Shakers, Clints, Stockings, Socks, Oranments, Cookies & Whisk
42 42-t.jpgDonated by Annandale Lions Club (Valued at $283.00) Womens Pampering Basket: Nail Polish, Razor Kit, Hand Care set, Lip gloss collection, body spray, blush trio, Eyeshadow, Ace Beaute, Face Masks, Bath Bombs, Case and nail stickers
43 43-t.jpgDonated by ANG (Valued at $114.00) Fall Basket: Turkey, Gravy Boat, 2 Mugs, Salt/Pepper Set
44 44-t.jpgDonated by Annandale Dental (Valued at $50.00) $50.00 Gift Card to Miller Jewelers
45 45-t.jpgDonated by Annandale Dental (Valued at $50.00) $50.00 Gift Card to Petty Brothers Meats
46 46-t.jpgDonated by Annandale Dental (Valued at $50.00) $50.00 Gift Card to Kaz Hardware
47 47-t.jpgDonated by Petty Brothers (Valued at $50.00) Gift Card to Petty Brothers
48 48-t.jpgDonated by ANG (Valued at $95.00) 4th of July Bundle: 2 $20 gift cards to Subway Hat, towels, caddy, tissues
49 49-t.jpgDonated by ANG (Valued at $108.00) Dinosaur Bundle: Remote Control Dinosaur, Egg, Fossil and Dinosaur Taco Holders
50 50-t.jpgDonated by ANG (Valued at $134.00) Wine Flamingo Basket: 2 wine glasses, flamingo towel, tapestry, 1 bottle of woodrige risling & 1 bottle of millner hertitage wine

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